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Basic Functions
  • Single and Multiple Session Possibilites
  • Application Menu for Easy Application Selection
  • All IBM Mainframe O/S: zOS, VSE and VM
  • Built-in Web Gateway
  • Built-in TN3270 Client/Server
  • 3270 Print to Any IP Printer
  • Sysplex Support: Multiple instances working together
Productivity Features
  • Web Gateway: No Client Software Needed
  • Single Sign-On Access to Applications
  • Top Line Menu
  • Screen Hardcopies to Any Printer
  • Cut and Paste Data Between Sessions
  • Share Sessions with Other Users
Administrative features
  • Windows Based Administration Client
  • On-line Maintenance Routines
  • Individual Screen Layout
  • Help System
  • Statistics and Accounting Information
  • Multi-lingual Possibilities for All Screen Text
Security features
  • Flexible Security and Authorization System
  • Supports VSE BSM, RACF, CA-TopSecret and CA-ACF/2
  • Supports Long Passwords and Pass Phrases
  • Supports Pass Tickets
  • Supports Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Unique CICS Features Increases Security and Simplifies Maintenance
  • Standby Screen Hides Application Data on Idle Terminals
  • Automatic Application Logoff for Idle Users
Performance features
  • Built in TN3270 Server for Reduced Overhead
  • Automatic 3270 Data Compression
  • Uses subtasks for Long Running Operating System Calls
  • Completely Written in Assembly Language