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Convince yourself! Take a look at our live demo system!

You can either use the Web interface or the TN3270 interface.

Using the Web interface you will see the following screen (click the picture to start):

Using the TN3270 interface you will see the following screen. Note that you can not start the TN3270 interface via the picture below. You have to use a TN3270 client in your computer.
Enter the address astrom.dyndns.org and the port 3270 in your TN3270 client to connect.

Regardless of which interface you choose, use one of the following user id's and passwords:

/ DEMO           (Native InterSession)
/ DEMO2        (Resembles CA-TPX)
/ DEMO3        (Resembles CA-Teleview)
DEMO4 / DEMO4        
(Resembles CA-Solve:Access)
DEMO5 / DEMO5        
(Resembles CL-Supersession)
DEMO6 / DEMO6        
(Resembles IBM Netview Access Services)
DEMO7 / DEMO7        
(Resembles North Ridge Network Director)

In the TN3270 interface, these user id's will give you a view on different menu screens, resembling competitive session managers.
In the Web interface you will not see any significant differences.

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