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Can I use a web browser to access our mainframe apps?
Yes you can.

Can I send my VTAM print to spool or to ip printers?
Yes you can.

Can I retain the same look and feel as with our current session manager?
Yes you can.

But it must be a tremendous effort to convert to InterSession!
No it isn't. There are easy-to-use conversion tools.

Continue to see the features of InterSession!

For maximum 3270 application productivity, InterSession is the modern alternative in mainframe computing.
You will most likely recognize one or more of the following statements:

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Some frequently asked questions on InterSession:

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Our 3270 session manager feels outdated!
InterSession includes modern features, like web interface, TN3270 server/client, ip print and sysplex support.

We pay too much for our session manager!
We will give you a better deal.

Our session manager is a CPU hog!
CPU consumption is the only lightweight feature of InterSession.

The administrators are frustrated!
InterSession is easy to administer and can get all user information from RACF/ACF2/TSS..

InterSession - The Modern 3270 Session Manager